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An Apology To Your Family

This is for your family, for treating me so well,
tell them all I love them, and I'm sorry that I failed.
They were all so nice and welcoming, like a second home,
you mom is amazing, just as good as my very own.
She was always helpful to me in so many ways,
even though we had a barrier and couldn't really communicate.
Constantly filling my tummy with the most delicious food,
always a second helping, even if I had refused.
She could see how I loved you, and she was very accepting,
if I ever needed it, she seemed happy to be helping.
When I had a janky car, having to push start it,
she co-signed a loan, I never could have gotten.
A fresh start with her daughter, and a reliable car,
gracias por todo, something I ask you to tell her.
Your dad and I got along well, in the absence of my own,
gracious and polite, while welcoming me into his home.
Similar interests in movies and being outdoors,
several vacations taken, with a family I adore.

Your sister always awesome, treated me so well,
referring to me as brother, after only a few years.
Same taste in music, we like wine and treats,
an awesome shopping trip in Hawaii, buying mostly sweets.
Tell her I'll miss her, take care of the nieces,
when they would run up and hug me, my heart would fall to pieces.
Your brother was my lil bro, the only one I'll ever have,
when we met and got along well, you and I were both so glad.
Both avid fans of Xbox and big into playing a variety of games,
it didn't take long, comparing our favorite by name.
We took him on vacation, and taught him how to shred snow,
I hope he keeps it up, I hope you both continue to go.
You're family has been so great over the years, please tell them I said so,
I may never see any of them again, and I really want them to know.
They all mean so much to me, and I wish them only the best,
tell them all I am so sorry, and they will all be truly missed.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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An Apology To Your Family