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Forever I Will Miss...

As I sit here in the dark, tired and alone,
I think of her, and all the things we have done.
So many things I will miss about our life,
road trips, chicken nuggets, driving through the night.
Yes, I said nuggets, she to feed them to me while I drove,
on our way to our destination, hundreds of miles down the road.
She was my navigator, amazing with the maps,
exploring, mountaineering, great skills from her past.
With her as my co-pilot, I was ready to take on the world,
my partner in everything, she is the greatest girl.
Surfing lessons in Padre, after a full night of driving,
exhausted to the core, but excited to be arriving.
Jumped in the water, and soon hanging ten,
we would fall off, and then try over and over again.
She was always a trooper, never one to complain,
a real genuine adventurer, down to do anything.
Into The Rockies, her first time around that much snow,
I asked her to go snowboarding, and she was happy to go.
We geared up the best that we could afford,
life was little harder then, but still so very good.
Learning to shred, she was doing so well,
soon she would be riding the whole mountain, I could already tell.
Something we both loved, soon we had all our own gear,
heading for elevation, to shred powder a couple times per year.
Those nights spent in cabins, even when something went wrong,
like the time Dojah destroyed part of the cabin while we were gone.
He had such high anxiety when we were apart,
now I know how he felt, struggling with the separation in my heart.
But I don't plan to destroy anything, I am just looking for hope,
writing down my thoughts, and thinking of the good times to cope.
We got into mountain biking, going often with friends,
more great times shared with you, I never wanted to end.
Walking through small towns, checking what was on display,
enjoying the sights and being in nature, walking around all day.
Shopping in Breckenridge, lunch in Aspen,
exploring Colorado, see so many attractions.
Not just there, but other places too,
my favorite of all time, going to Hawaii with you.
This will always be the highlight of my life,
a beautiful tropical destination, asking you to be my wife.
We enjoyed it so much, I really miss those days,
if anyone ever asks, that will always be my favorite place.
Beaches, volcanoes, and the ocean so blue,
exploring the landscape, even walking through lava tubes.
Pictures tell the tale, you smile so wide,
thinking about those days, I feel so much love inside.
I also reminisce about our time in Eleuthera,
a destination that previously never even heard of.
Traveling there for my sister's wedding, it was truly stunning,
thinking about our chance, and when it would be coming.
Walking down the beach, hand in hand for miles,
no one around, but us sharing smiles.
Pink sand beaches, both idyllic and pristine,
a beautiful backdrop like I had never seen.
When I think about you on the beach, posing on that fallen tree,
a quintessential shot, one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
These are just some of the things that I will forever miss...
starting with my memories, and ending with your kiss.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Forever I Will Miss...