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All That I've Got

A new day without her and I am searching for strength,
drowning in sadness from the moment I wake.
The morning air is cold and crisp in our home,
but I cannot call it ours anymore, for now I am alone.
Sitting on the couch, gathering the will to get dressed,
numbly going through the motions to accomplish the rest.
Halfway through, overcome with the weight of my grief,
breaking down into tears, salty bombs explode as they hit the sink.
Splash my face with water, telling myself to get it together,
it works for the moment, but I still do not feel any better.
Blood pumping through my veins at an unbelievable pace,
emotions fight for the oxygen; racing to my heart for first place.
If the oxygen wins, I will take a deep breath,
if the emotions win, crying is the next unavoidable step.
Please be the first one, I could use time to breathe,
a few moments without emotions, I will happily seize.
I reach down deep, so deep I almost forgot,
what I was looking for, and now I am lost.
Now back in the basement of my very own heart,
solitary and alone, stuck down in the dark.
I hope someone will find me, before it is too late,
I beg for it to be her, to help show me the way.
Her hand reaching out, so soft and so gentle,
I would hold it forever, never to let go.
Pulling me up and out of the unyielding darkness,
unable to verbalize just how bad my heart wants this.
For now, just a hope, one that I have not lost,
keeping it eternally, because it is all that I've got.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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All That I`ve Got