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COVID Taught Me

When the pandemic hit, it turned many lives upside down,
people getting ill, loved ones dying in large cities and small towns.
A viral pathogen, one not seen since before the great depression,
a deadly one that would soon teach us all a lesson.
It was hungry for the elderly, the immune challenged, those with issues,
then suddenly it started taking healthy people, mutations scary and new.
This is when I seriously realized that I could no longer wait,
for the things I wanted to do but kept saying 'one day'.
One day I'd love to learn to ride a motorcycle, I have always wanted one,
at one point you said you did too, I thought this would be so fun.
Another exhilarating way for us to enjoy life together,
riding side by side, geared up in our leathers.
I got way too excited, and bought all of my gear,
still cannot use any of it, no motorcycle anywhere.
I am sorry I jumped the gun, I know I should have waited,
but the thought of us doing this together got me so excited.
I just didn't want to wait for anything else to come along,
another viral mutation, me still going to work, I could catch it and be gone.
So, I decided that the Coronavirus had shown me the way,
never again will I push off plans, holding them for 'one day'.
I was taking action to do what was needed now,
fixing my credit and paying down debt so we could apply for the house.
Still no down payment, but money is being saved,
then on my one-year anniversary, a bonus and pay raise.
Finally, I have the means to pay off all my bills,
my credit score rising, this is so close to real.
We almost made it, I was ready to go apply for the loan,
but when I asked, you didn't seem eager to go.
This made me worry, thinking your plans may have changed,
I start to look at old trucks, you mention the loan, I thought you felt the same.
Then just a few weeks later and 'we need to talk',
but it didn't seem like a talk, more like you decided and were ready to walk.
This is when found out I had learned more than I thought,
Without being infected it had affected us both, unknowingly changing what you want.
While you may not believe that my priorities were focused on you,
if you listen to what I say, you should know this is true.
When I realized how it had affected our lives,
I started taking steps to do what was right.
Eff Corona, unless it's got lime, it's been holding me down too long,
deciding I am as careful as I can be and nothing has gone wrong.
I will not live in fear anymore, grabbed the keys, lets go eat, we're out the door.
Carpe Diem...you know, seize the day,
I will no longer let this virus determine my way.
But in the end...I didn't win this battle,
the virus is still here, and we have been ushered into a new chapter.
One that I never asked for, no desire to read,
those were the last pages, referring to you and me.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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COVID Taught Me