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I Want To Ask Her

It has only been a few days and yet there is so much I want to say,
not sure she will talk to me, so I just write down my thoughts during the day.
I'd love to ask her how she is doing, and how she has been,
what she has explored and the sights she has seen.
Although we are no longer together, she is still my best friend,
and it is difficult to think I may not talk to her in that way again.
I want to ask you how the weather is, have you made it to the beach?
If so, how was it, and was it hard to reach?
Are you still riding around on scooters, please tell me your being safe,
you left you bike helmet in storage, maybe it was something you should take.
I still have you safety pads for your elbows and knees,
for your safety, take them with you next time, please?
I am guessing there are things in California that just cannot compare,
but don't forget Texas, and the many people who love you here.
Please tell me about the sunsets, feel free to describe,
as I imagine the view, and the colors in your eyes.
Tell me of the things that you have seen that reminded you of me,
to hear that there are any at all, would fill my heart with glee.
I hope you are happier now, and still working on yourself,
I would love to hear what you have discovered, and if I can do anything to help.
I still care for you very much and I want to know your doing well,
not just via a generic text, but to actually speak with you for real.
I understand that we've split, and it might seem strange,
but we were together for almost 14 years, practically every day.
Maybe you never felt that way, maybe you don't see me as a friend,
I guess I can understand that too, it is really hard when relationships end.
If you don't want to talk to me anymore, just let me know,
I will pack up my broken heart, take my things and let go.
I want to ask you though, to please think about that before you decide,
if you don't want me around, I'll remove myself from your life.
However, I really hope this is not what you say,
but it probably doesn't matter, because I can't ask you anyway.
I am afraid to call, worried that you would not answer,
if that were the case, to me heart, it would be toxic like cancer.
Or maybe you answer, and I hear another guy,
like a knife straight to my heart, that would kill me inside.
So instead, I write these poems and say what I feel is needed,
too bad you don't know about any of them, and may never read it.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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I Want To Ask Her