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No One Else...

Over the years, too many funny moments to count,
some that were public, others that no one ever found out.
Remember when I slipped, running through that wet parking lot and slid to the door?
My glasses flew off, cash floating down side to side towards the floor.
A big fat bruise on my hip, and another on my pride,
I jumped back in the car after getting up and paying inside.
Embarrassed, but eager to tell you what just happened,
you acted like you had no idea, but inside you were laughing.
I found out several months later that you knew all along,
we had a good laugh, and I told you how I felt so dumb.
It was your own little privately viewed fail,
one we often recalled and laughed about at will.

How about the time we were were in downtown Dallas, exploring our city,
you decided to hop across some wet tiles, barefoot and looking so pretty.
One successful step, then an attempted hop,
slipped and fell, right on your butt.
Now half soaking wet, with the biggest smile and laugh,
enjoying the warm day, and your wet little crash.
When you jumped back up, your beautiful face lit up so bright,
dripping water from your sundress, while exuding happiness and light.
This is a great memory, that I look back on fondly,
visualizing you and your smiling face, looking so happy.

You are one of only four people in the world who truly understands,
what we really mean when we joke and say 'Effin` Texans!'.
A vacation in the Rockies with another couple,
cars with Texas plates, unable to drive in the mountains, just causing trouble.
Sure, we're from Texas, and we had the same plates,
but we were having fun, talking smack about our own for making us wait.
Speed 'er up, get 'er done, move that big 'ol truck!
Texans taking up the lanes, moving slow, we were stuck.
We just wanted to get there, go snowboarding and be free,
you and I share that with our friends, just me and you three.
No one else will ever understand, an insult they cannot comprehend,
another thing I think about, again and again.

Even little things, inside jokes, or hidden meaning code words,
so many things that if I said now, they would essentially go unheard.
Remember our code word? I do, it was Rockwall,
we, well...I used it twice, but it didn't work at all.
It was supposed to be our secret word, a chance to sneak away,
a break from the scene to have some fun private play.
I think I said it twice...but you must have forgot,
looking at me puzzled, Rockwall, why are we going there?, you thought.
It was a silly, but fun idea and it was attempted,
but in the end, we didn't need a code word to share our affection.

Close your eyes and recall, how I would randomly say 'Oi!',
can you still hear it in the air, can you still hear my voice?
Never again will that have such an audience,
a giggle from you, sometimes repeated, the joy was so honest.
A sweet smile you from and then in your own cute voice,
letting out your very own tiny, sexy little 'Oi!'

'There's a girl in the garden.', that one is very familiar,
taken from a movie we both enjoyed, where I share a name that is similar.
One of my favorites, it is about love and loss,
pulling through in the end, friends, and surviving at all costs.
When I would say it, you would just know,
saying 'In the garden, there is a girl'...the same line from the show.
Now I could say that line, and it would fall on deaf ears,
just a random line from a movie, no connection to anyone who hears.
At least I still have this saved from one of your texts,
I can look back on it and smile, when I am feeling sad and perplexed.

Speaking of movies, one of your favorites is also now one of mine.
For the rest of my life, I will smile when thinking about you saying the lines.
A llama!! He's supposed to be dead!
...but much cuter from you, when it was said.
So many laughs with that one smiles from ear to ear,
Faster! Faster! Yzma, put your hands in the air!
The entire movie, one big reminder of you,
watching it together, so much better when it was us two.

Yes, there are many things that were just for us,
the little things in life, we enjoyed while in each others love.
So, as the inside jokes lose their target,
I will always cherish each and every moment.
Things that would surely brighten my day,
and I would in turn always try to brighten yours along the way.

Do you ever think of these moments, do they replay?
I think of them constantly, every single day.
Holding on to them for the happiness, because my life with you was the best,
hoping this setback is only temporary, and maybe just a test.
I still cannot believe that you are now gone,
and I wish you would return to me, come back home.
I will continue to hold on to my hope,
with these little memories I play on repeat, helping me cope.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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No One Else...