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I Just Wanted To Tell You...

Yesterday was better, not quite good but improving,
and the only thing I wanted, was to tell you how I was doing.
So, I decided I should not have to ask, or send a warning text,
calling you randomly after work, the anxiety building in my chest.
Dialing you up eagerly, excited to hear your voice,
but you didn't answer my call, voicemail was my only choice.
I did not leave a message, but I listened to your greeting,
the sweet sound of your voice, I was so desperately seeking.
I figured if I called and you answered, it would be a good day,
that meant you wanted to talk to me too, an improvement I would say.
But you did not answer, and my excitement morphed into anxiety,
starting with a cold feeling in my chest, spreading outward from inside me.
Then it seemed as if my heart had suddenly, rapidly started to plummet,
as if suspended from the highest cloud, then falling right from it.
Working to maintain control of my emotions as they speed towards the ground,
it can be a long fall, one that is impossible to play down.
It is no secret that I love her so very, very much,
physical pain to be without her, healed by her touch.
I miss her each and every moment when we are apart,
listen when it beats, her name is gently whispered by my heart.
The thought of her makes me smile, her smile makes me weak,
her love gives me strength, getting me higher than a mountain peak.
Suspended from such great heights, I could see on forever,
a time that I looked forward to avidly, because we were together.
These thoughts help me fight the emotions trying to fill me with additional sorrow,
hopefully I'll hear back from her tonight, and if not, maybe she'll call tomorrow.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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I Just Wanted To Tell You...