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My people, my homeland, I miss who I've

been for centuries, I am American Indian

from the Chippewa Tribe, am wild, free

as the great hawk, proud flying high

over the mountains streams and valleys.


My spirit walks among my ans esters of honor and

glory. I, flower of the wild wind, catching dust upon

the weary faces of time.


My people are brave, raging across the universal skies

catching light beams among their spiritual guides that

console troubled hearts that can not adjust to the change

that's killing their spirit.


Defeat does not exist among my people, they move on

following mother with filled waters of life. Earth

spirit collects treasures of memories past down among

the strong.


Followers lead others becoming spiritual beings of

time and space, collecting data of majestic freedom

strength from the young who shall become elders

and teachers.


I miss the warmth radiating through my being with

great wisdom and knowledge, spirit of my people calming

the savage beast that lurks in the shadows of our world

of spirituality, love, and harmony.


Darkness shall not dominate the light of creation!


Shower forth unto man to be responsible for carrying

on with their heritage from generation to another.


Where there is no belief there is no faith that we are

Divine Light Beings of knowing that knowledge we

carry deep will never fade away.


With this belief we carry our light of Mother Sun

Father moon, Stars sparkling down with love.


Mother Earth shall flourish with our Master of

the Universe.


We are all Children of “Our Father God of Universal Love”.


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