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Each and Every Day

I still wake daily and my first thought is of you.
Each morning I would open my eyes, your face in my view.
Regardless of what you think, your beauty I could always see,
even if you woke makeup smeared, hair a mess, or drooling on me...
I guess you would say that I think that because I love you,
and that would be correct, because I put no one else above you.
But that's part of love, seeing flaws and still loving that person,
and for me that was easy, your flaws are part of what made you perfect.
Love can be lots of things, it's too hard to classify,
sometimes feelings are inspired, and it's hard to understand why.
When you get that special feeling, you just know...
and I guess when it leaves, you just decide you have to go.
I still have that feeling, I love her more today than yesterday,
but if you ask her, that is no longer what she would say.
She says she feels nothing, and thinking back it has been years,
she still loves me very much, but is no longer in love with me...she says behind tears.
In the blink of an eye, my entire world was completely crushed,
suddenly realizing the impending end of everything that I loved.
She isn't in love with me, and can't really explain why,
she is resistant to my pleas, no matter how hard I try.
Afraid to waste any more of our time, what if it never comes back,
but what if we don't even try, would there be a worse regret than that?
She says she loves that I help her, I cook and I clean,
she loves that I am responsible, always pay my bills and take care of needed things.
Loves that I can work on cars, she says I am incredibly smart,
achieving understandings of mechanical workings that most others cannot.
She loves how I treat her, she has always felt like a queen,
treated like a princess, worshiped like a goddess, and everything in between.
How about the way that we make each other think, both holding different views,
saying you love how my mind works, I see things differently than anyone you ever knew.
Do you remember how recently you told me you 'love how friggin' sweet I am',
I believe it was after you woke to find flowers, just because, no other reason.
Remember coming home after our date nights, all fixed up and feeling fine?
We would tear into each other like teenagers, we were wasting no time.
Think about any of our time in the bedroom, we both confirmed our love of that,
neither of us has ever had better, and that is a mutual stated fact.
How about our taste in adventure, we both love to be outside and get dirty,
snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and even though I can't swim...surfing.
How can you say that you love all of that, but think that you are not in love?
Do you not realize what all of these individual things together are capable of?
This is what is meant when you hear the saying 'the ties that bind',
the loves in our life holding us together, the reasons I would never leave you behind.
Collectively, these individual loves are enough to fill my heart,
my entire heart dedicated to you, from the beginning of our very start.
There are many reasons, and then many, many more,
but you have to look in your heart, don't be afraid to explore.
Maybe time apart will be a good reminder,
you can look back and decided if you really want to leave it all behind you.
Each and every day, and opportunity to grow,
I just hope one day you don't look back and regret letting go.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Each and Every Day