Destiny Report

Destiny found me on the top deck.
Not too long before we had danced some open-air salsa.
What people who saw me now did not know; my emotions were running to wreck.
I scanned fore, aft, port, and starboard side
Not the only one sensing the rising dark tide.
Nothing to the horizon but thick darkness.
Not a single light in the deepening starkness.

As I lay in my cabin, acutely conscious, that over the event horizon
The giant Ivan was rotating and brewing ecological poison.
He was shooting a lot of lightning, everyone on the lookout for a sighting.
I lay on my bed but the deep, the deepís mind was not on sleep.

All through the clock to midnight and dawn rise,
Climb and rise.
Climb and rise.
Then the silent drop.
The ship rising high on Ivanís towering rollers
Then dropping with a heavy cavernous BAM!! BAM!! BAM!!
Stem to stern reverberating, the ship trembling.
Furniture, cutlery, and people sliding
All at the mercy of Ivanís hiding.

All through the small hours
Ivan on the sea, flexed his power.
I was thinking, as were many, there is nothing solid out there to stand on.
The sea spray was hissing like an angry dragon.
The punished wind shrieked and shrieked and shrieked.

Climb and rise.
Climb and rise.
Then the slow silent drop.
The whole ship reverberating.

All through the night: BAM!! BAM!! BAM!!
Until finally weariness overpowered weakening sleeplessness.
The only escape was the slide into the oblivious darkness.
Ivan continued to play mighty his hurricane drum.
BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! Then a pause for rum.
Then back to his war drum.
The ship dancing and lurching with each big sea slam.
Few could eat, feeling heady like too many drams.
And all through the night, climb and rise, climb and rise
Then the slow silent drop, as all our hearts stopped.

Mercifully, the tropical sun parachuted in, and brightly rayed the foggy mist away.
I must say, the bright sunshine was our psychological main stay.
We tacked away from hurricane alley, none wishing to be in that valley.
Fortunately, Covid Doe was not in style in those days.
Maybe destiny kept him and his lies locked in natureís bays.
When we had first set out to safari and play,
Back then, Mr. Week had more sway and a day went a long way.
Then, we sailed another sea mile, on to the nature isle.
In the peaceful harbor we docked in file, high relief deflated all rile.
Also, with our feet on solid land, grounding settled our stomach bile.

We heard news of Ivanís terrible brooding dirge.
Then we learned, the prayers of the saints,
Had sworded the giant in two, making his amperage faint.
Then slowed his hungry rampage and ecological taint.
Our hearts inflamed against him with umbrage.
As reports we heard of the spice isleís devastating damage.
After Ivan tangled with Kick íem Jenny in a desperate life and death scrummage.

Helen of the West Indies we sailed past, we marveled at Soufriereís mast.
Then destiny diverted us to the land of 365 beaches.
Seas where many a pirate of the Caribbean, sailed to evade many kingsí reaches.
Next port would be the idyllic coral white sand, sunny bright land of the Bearded Ones: Calypso and rum with masquerade, bacchanal, and fun.
Then on to Borinquen, the Land of the valiant Lord.
Where the beautiful senoritas my heart would surely bound with cords.
They would happily banish all discord and liberate me with loveís chords.

CI-299489935 Knight Truelove Poems