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Fair And Right

Are you trying to tell me
Our society is fair and right
When too many children
Go to bed hungry at night,
When tax avoiding billionaires
Throw their money into a race
To make it possible for the few to
Briefly  reach the fringe of space?
What have we come to
What's it all about,
Wages being subsidised
By a State hand out?,
When a full time worker
Has to join the ranks
Of those queueing for help
From charity's food banks?

And the state seems to think
A worker has the wrong attitude
Should be thankful for his job
And react with due gratitude.
Should he fall ill, or even worse
Become  one if the unemployed
He'll become a nonperson as
The state sanctions are deployed.
We exist in a society ruled
By the selfish and the greedy
Exploiting the efforts of
The poor and the needy.
As they turn back the clock
In their unceasing class war
So the poor get less and less
As the privileged more and more.

Are they putting stuff in our water
Keeping us in a drug  induced way?
I can't think of other reasons how
They get their policies into play,
And as long as we accept that
Instead of marching on the street
Then we'll keep the status quo
And their victory is complete.
You've got to fight for your rights
At the end of the day,
Fight for better conditions
And a decent rate of pay.,
So, don't try to tell me society
Is anywhere near fair and right
When too many children have
To  go to bed hungry at night.

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