The Village Girl

Little village girl sun kissed.
Laughing, lithesome, winsome bliss!
Gently you embraced golden brown shades.
So clear to me, so near to me!

Little village girl, wind caressed.
Such meekness, sleekness, prone prowess!
Glint tints print bouncing brown flint.
Her climbing tracks mirror uniform dint.

Heralds in the stormy lees,
rippling, rolling wake tossed trees,
Little village girl forsakes her knees.

Though the wind blows spray and clouds build grey,
her way still stays a ray that lights beyond May days.
Dew on the grass fresh in resilient egress,
survival motion, hers in the global commotion.
Such a reminiscent treasure to me!

Little village girl stands on transitions hill.
Hers the global village, she holds a position still.
Her will to fashion the marketís mill,
the traders drill, now her skill, the crypto currency thrills.

Village girl, in the cyber city I see you, the one clear to me.
Your touch digital, you now write on walls and surf in malls.
I hear your heels thunder in halls of power, as your shadow falls
across a world, in free fall crawl, I wonder, whose heart has stalled ?
And who is writing on the wall now or is the cipher to conform,
be part of the globalist norm, which would not be warrior form and non-perform.

CI-360464022 Knight Truelove Poems