I saw two dragons

Standing in a government queue,
there were many people, not few,
looking out a window,
I saw something out of limbo.

In the cloud pattern, a horizon stretching profile,
a dragon steaming south in the wild.
What, I wondered was the attracting azimuth?
High above, between second heaven and all Earth’s bluffs.

What tremendous giant forms,
one often sees profiled in vapor of clouds multinorm!!
It is wise to be humble, as a mere man on the ground,
than be proud, in this cosmic rumble, on the Earth orbiting round.

These days I watch the clouds, to see who goes there in shrouds.
The earthly crowds, those influenced by the power in the air,
ignorant of reverential fear, standing in humanism proud,
and walking in ignorance loud.

I remembered, a year or so ago,
seeing after sunset, lit by a backdrop moon,
profiled in the clouds,
a horizon stretching dragon,
and a feeling of feral menace streaming south.
Whatever is the azimuth of its mouth?

I went inside and shut my door,
happy for a roof and floor and some drink to pour.
Well, after such a view I adamantly unadored,
knowing from the lore, what they symbolized at the core.
I checked my two-edged sword and armor ready for more,
if it came to it, I was ready to roar in battle and soar.

CI-412150307 Knight Truelove Poems