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Facebook Expert

I don't normally talk with strangers
But since you politely asked,
I don't believe it can protect me
So I don't wear a face mask.
I  was talking on Facebook
With a bloke who says he knows
The bloke who supplies the candy
Old Boris sticks up his nose,
And he's been chatting
With a mate of my mate Jim
And he talks to a lot of blokes
Down at Boris's workout gym,

And it's just a propaganda plot,
A patchwork tissue of lies
And until we build immunity
Inevitably a proportion dies.
As for full hospital wards
This bloke says it's  just a farce
Just a load NHS workers
Talking out of their collective arse
Just a bit of propaganda
Just their  latest way
To try to boost up
Their claim for increased  pay.

As for the vaccination,
Who knows what future harm
Will come from untested crap
Being jabbed into your arm?
It's about Ďhuman rights for me.
I just don't see any reason why
The way I live my life can alter
The way others live or die.
My Grandad fought old Adolf
To give us freedom of thought
Now you're asking us to give up
Those things for which he fought.

People are going to die
No matter what I do
I refuse to believe  facts
That just aren't proving true.
Remember not so long
We all kicked up a fuss
About the facts they plastered
On the sides of Boris's red bus?
So, sorry if you think I may infect you
But you did have the cheek to ask
So I've done you the courtesy of
Telling you why I won't  wear a mask.

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