I donít say your name ever

I first saw you on a club salsa floor,
in your just, just above the knees dance tights.
You were all that I had dreamed about and more.
Your top shirt fitted you like a sculpture to adore.
By all of you I was enraptured.
I could not let you leave without knowing your name,
like a burning flame with no dibs nor blame.
I wanted to see you again and again forever,
but this same was not in the frame.

I invited you into my world,
to a small stage performance whirl,
on the edge of a cute little beach.
You came and were delighted by our reach.

I invited you to salsa dancing afterwards and,
we made it a habit,
across from a little bay,
the wavelets kissing the shore and singing,
the lights around the bay reflecting on the pitch black,
the music bouncing on the moving whispering sea,
the beach milky white painted in moon light.
Marvelous how our hearts danced the more,
even after the dance floor closed its doors.
We dance the length of the street,
moving to the salsa beat,
under the streetlights, stepping cool and sweet,
the road curving around the shore and bay,
the moon lighting the way.

Salsa our great passion those days,
wherever the fiesta would play,
there our evenings would stay.
You would pop in and out of our existence,
therefore, every moment with you was of earnest instance.

I always remember the night when you sparked things alight.
You pulled me off the salsa floor,
to an outside patio above the coastal shore,
you backed the rail and I faced your emotions gale,
you kissed my lips, what a delightful tasty sip!!
All the world silenced and went away in an instant,
our hearts lost all distance in the instance.

The salsa played on and on even long after, long after you were gone.
I always remember our first kiss and love making so bliss.
Our romance stunned like a shot out of a gun,
like the way we dance under the hot moon and sun,
as the salsa runs and runs full of fun,
always delicious, always delicious, my honey hon hon.

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