Black Boys Become Black Men

I have a son who was such a innocent young child.
He was full of laughter care free but never to wild.
He was raised to be respectful say Please and Thank you.
Raised by a single mother who never thought to abort you.
People would tell me I was too young to have this child.
I didn't care, I worked and did what I had to do.
I didn't know what Love was until I laid eyes on you.
Such innocence you were brought in this hateful world.
No clue you would be born on July 3rd.
I held you in my arms promised to protect you the best that I can.
As years progressed you began to blossom into this young man.
You asked less and less for mommy's help.
Your response was I could do it all by myself.
I prayed over you every time you would walk out the door,
Not knowing what this world had in store.
I would take you to church. and keep you active.
I didn't want you to find the street life tempting and attractive.
God has blessed you to go from this beautiful baby boy.
To a handsome and productive young man.
I pray God continue to bless you,give you wisdom,and courage to withstand.
I rebuked everything that's not for you but, allow only the things in Gods plan.
My little black boy became a Man.

To my son Anthony Page

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Black Boys Become Black Men

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