Pick Up Your Crown

Smile Queen

Hello young queen in this life we all go through some things.
Whether it's a loss of a loved one,family member,or a close friend.
Maybe a loss of a man you use to trust and confide in.
It seems like all hell is breaking loose all around.
Remember to always look up dust yourself off,  you're a queen pick up your crown.
Things happen for a reason, maybe the loss of a romantic interest is for a good reason.
God put you though test to build your faith, pray for  strength and don't be so hard on yourself
we all make mistakes.
Surround yourself with family and friends.
Positive vibes only you are destined to win.
Shake it off hold your head up high.
Never be so hurt you have to be pretend you're okay. We know that's a lie.
I pray that God will continue to Bless You.
Another Level Another Devil the world will test you.
You are beautiful,smart, talented, and you deserve to be loved.
Queen the hurt will leave and and this too shall pass.
Better things are coming that  will surpass the hurt,the pain,
You wll be able to open your heart to Love again.
You are a queen so pick up your crown.

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Pick Up Your Crown

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