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Written in loving memory
Of my sweet, little sister:
Cindy Leeann
* 2lbs and a struggle , cindy was born 2lbs at 5 months ! Not the norm 9. She struggled from her beginnings…


2lbs and a struggle
For mountains
You would climb

Fractured and Shimmering*

Strong, resilient
Screaming internally
Fighting externally
The demons

Clothing and feeding
The broken

Love, life and tragedy
Riding the train
Of a scarred child

The woman you became
The silent injustice
And injuries

Tho you judged not*

Yet you remained
And gave unselfishly
The Golden child of God

Rise now sweet sister
In this world you were
A giant
With cellophane wings

A crutch moved you thru
The chapters
Of suffering

You arrived undeveloped
Zig zagging the gray obstacles
Brushing the ash
From your clear vision

You were that hidden Angel
We neglected
To see…


Written by,
Abby lynn
January 22, 2022

I love you sister…
Save me a place beside you. 💞

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