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Word From our Father (was on January 2, 2022)

God is about to save us from our Oppressors
Scribe Judylea January 2, 2022

Write these words that are faithful and true. I am the great I am. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. To know one else get the glory.
Do not trust in mere mortals, as you see, they are but a breath. It is by my hand and authority you (my Bride) will d e s t r o y the e n e m y
Yes sing, dance, clap shout in unity. Will you be dancing the victory even if it isn't visible yet? I say YES! celebrate the victory in the name of my son, Yeshua. Dance, sing clap, shout. He is the breaker. Be loosed from your oppressors by praising with all of you in unity by my precious Holy Spirit and no system. I am in NO system!
It is only by my arm and my power you will be loosed from your oppressors. Watch them fall as you sing, watch them fall as you dance and celebrate with tambourine.
No man chariot, horse or gun shall bring you to safety; NO ONE! but ME! It is by my hand; So, call out to ME!
I can use whom I will to perform MY purposes. It is no man no mere human!
I am in control. Those who trust in me I save. I protect the orphan and widow. No more will sin and abominations and idols fill the earth. Choose now whom you shall serve. I have glorious plans for those who love and trust in me. (Jerimiah 29:11) (Isaiah 29, 30, 31)Repent now and be free.

Isiah 3:3,3:11 Tell the godly it will go well for them." But the wicked are doomed for they will get exactly what they deserve."

Brothers and sisters, endure to the end will be saved. Come out of traps and snares and put all your trust in God and you will see
HE IS FAITHFUL! Be stong and courageous! And look forward to eternity of Love, unity and beauty with no sickness or pain. Rev 21, 3,4

I love you, JudyLea