With Many More Like This, Love Knows Bliss (And A Kiss...)

Does poetry seem anxiety?
Heaven's jewel, the energies of individual kind
No remorse, no antipathy, no society?
When you have the pace of better poise to mind...

Does anxiety seem poetry?
Here in salutations and decency made could
True was the need of compromise, an eave of misery
With a lonely night's bell, to understate should...

A patience of terror prospers...
If long good-byes of risen natures, become the ghost of realer life...
As if a shame has waited for long shadows, to recede into nothing to serve...
When might has a proper reach, for what ripens to the touch of strife...?

Behind a taste of heaven
Before a trial of immediacy, that comes to these, for understanding
Rendering hope from sated heed, the honor of liberty's shine, given
A stare of a lifetime, that began with loves sojourn, and ends with God's wink

A long conversation with the rights of drama, comedy and tragedy
Sitting next to you, like a hand to remind
The specialness of joy is long in the tooth, teeth that have a stead
Willingness in the name of here and now, the purpose of a spirit to rhyme?

Liberty, and the harrowed eyes of conscience
Together once more, for a requited gift of time, that begins with a vice to learn
And simplicity in sight, forming the words of have, power and assurance
Astounded by the justice of it all, a soul is ours, for a sense of what is passion's certainty?

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With Many More Like This, Love Knows Bliss (And A Kiss...)

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