The Gift Of FreeWill

The Gift Of FreeWill

We as a humanrace are at a cross road.
One that presents itself individually
for each to face. The high or the low,
free to choose which direction they go.

All participating in attitudes, beliefs
and actions. Adding too or making sub
tractions. Some will remain self serving
and clueless, while others by distrations.

Even though on the outside the high road
appears to be out numbered by the low,
Especially by those who are in control
censoring what they want to be known.

Media has invested itself solely in
broadcasting fear, presenting one
horror after the next. Stirring up
negative emotions against another 
year after year..

When it's all said and done will
the ones who feel powerless and
living in fear recognize, their
the ones responsible for creating
their reality all along?

Are we happy to be alive in the
world in which we live, do the
numbers outweigh those who are not?
Look around and lend an ear, far
too many voices in despair.

Perfect position for those behind
the scenes, in its efforts to keep
humanity down and in it sustained.
Laughing all the way to the bank
with ill sought gain.

Their profits through the roof
provided by the people who in
return receive less and less.
jacking up prices and eliminating
jobs.Raise taxes paying China the
interest on the loans due.

Hey brothers and sisters their
playing us like fools as if dunces
on a stool. Too engulfed in their
strategies over who's next to get
screwed. Truth, they havent a clue.

One by one our numbers grow, not in
hate or fear but love and compassion.
The more light there is the better
to see, its within our power to
create how life can and will be.

So fear not and dont believe every
thing being presented on your tv
screen. It's all a stage designed
to keep suffering and misery in
place as if it's our only reality.

Blessed are those becoming aware
everyone has God inside...the good
and even the bad, loved and without
judgment. Only the gift of freewill
for each to decide. It's all about
the numbers which will one preside.

Joy Hardy
March 7 2022