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The Grand Design Master

Spirit, God, The Creative Source..
which ever name resonates, Dancing
as it does, in between the yin/yang
polarities while leaving it up to the
seeker to choose to live in fear or love

It is in the seeking itself that the angels  
applaud, Cheering on for each no matter
which path one has taken or is on. To
discover the nulls and the nodes.Waiting
it has, for humanity to sing its tones in song.
Layer upon Layer, unraveling the suffering
and despair doing so without a tear to spare
Come a little closer dear one and lend me
your ear, I am the Grand Design Master
My intention here is to be perfectly clear.

It is important to take note for what I am
about to say  for all the nay sayers will do
everything in their power to lead humanity
astray. The fear they stir, manufactering 
horrific events that produce it day after day

I, the Grand design Master am aware of the
troubles and worry most of humanity holds,
over future possibilities and the unknown.
Having been conditioned to expect history
repeats itself, but it is only the belief that it will.

What If I were to tell you the truth of your soul?
The pieces and Parts you call your own,. It is the
same one lifetime after lifetime as you play out your
human roles  The times your living in are it's first,
You passed the maker to a higher consciousness.

More and more are beginning to see the darkest
going on's, the ones that have been here all along.
It has been your fear used against you, it's greastest
weapon. Do you not know who you are? Fear not
Remember, you are pieces and parts of great light.

Yes, God is inside you, I am, the Grand Design Master
and you are my Co-Creators.  There are many paths
none truer than the other, All are free to choose their
best route back home to me. My wish is for humanity
to set their intention on love and compassion.

Joy Hardy
March 18 2022

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