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IT WAS YESHUA Hamashiach  (Part I)

Who left so that
the comforter
would dwell
within us
Who opened the eyes
of a blind man by
making mud
the earth's dust
Who resurrected
from the dead
a man named
It was Yeshua

Who spoke in parables
Who spoke of one
of his twelve
being unclean
Who cursed a fig tree,
drying it from
the roots so
it would never
bare fruit
It was Yeshua

Who was the one
who fed the thousands
with fish and bread
Who took the
crown of thorns
upon his head
Who was the one
who after three days
from the dead
It was Yeshua

Who has the keys
of hell and of death
Who shocked the
elders at the age
of twelve
when he spoke
in the synagogue
It was Yeshua

Who turned over
the tables in the temple
to stop
the moneychangers
from doing their
Who was the one
who healed a man
that was
lowered down
through the ceiling
It was Yeshua

Who was the one
who walked on water
Who was the one
the prophets of the
Old spoke of
to whom would be
the savior
It's was Yeshua

Who is the
way the truth
and the life
Who is the
only doorway
to the Father
Who consulted with
the angels after
fasting and defeating
the wiles
of the devil
in wilderness
It was Yeshua

Who healed a
paralyzed man
by telling him
to get up and walk
Who said let him
without sin
cast the first stone
Who said
whoever drinks
the water I give him
will never thirst
It was Yeshua

Who said to
Who preached with
authority and intent
Who was the one
for the
remission of sins,
our Father in Heaven
It was
Yeshua Hamashiach

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IT WAS YESHUA Hamashiach (Part I)

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