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In these times of plenty
I see some dreadful scenes,
Yesterday a girl too poor
To have holes in her jeans.
I felt for that lassie
For I know the passion
That the young feel
About following fashion.

She could’ve cut her own but

Imagine the shame, poor thing

If her friends had discovered 

She wasn’t wearing the real thing

Just a homemade attempt and

Just not in anyway the same

As that authentic hole that

Carried a Designer’s name.

In these days of austerity
It’s come sadly to pass
They’ve reined in hopes
Of the working class.
It’s Austerity for the poor,
Tax breaks for the rich,
And, like it or not,
Life’s just a bitch.

Just count your blessings
For Brexit’s still on track
And Fat Boris the liar has
Got us our country back.
Those folk in Europe
Are all jealous as hell
For they all now know
It’s all working so well

Ignore the long queues
Of lorries waiting at Dover
It’s all just Fake News and
The crisis long over.
It’s just nostalgia now
For times that have been
When a working class lass
Could buy holes in her jeans.

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