Tattoos in Mayberry

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It saddens me to see the direction law makers are going in America today.
I remember when you could go to a concert and bring in a flask.
You could smoke,drink or do much of whatever you pleased as you enjoyed the show.
The music was rich. The heat from the audience gave off lightening bolts of kinetic energy,
enhancing for me a feeling of  joy and oneness
showering a warm glow over us all.
We knew we had something real, something special,to protect and even die to keep..
We were a nation others respected,
in part because we knew  how to let our hair down and party.
We encouraged and supported alternative thought 
and supported other ways of thinking into the social arena.
Anyone could visit America and fly their freak flag.
Do things they might never consider doing back  home..
You could experiment with new lifestyles and new social currencies.
Drugs, meditation, yoga, sex, new age religion. It was a beautiful time of experimentation and discovery..
Vegas, New York. Atlantic City and other wonderous,exciting and weird hot spots..
specialty locations where you could enjoy a memorable experience to take back home with you,
wherever your home was.
With freedom comes responsibility. But, that bill of goods doesn't mean tamping down our experiences where people have the rich opportunity grow and learn.
Discouraging our right to  learn through risky taking, exposure to new people and lifestyles where you have the right and even the duty to make mistakes
To just follow a direct line to reach a 'productive' path. To one size fits all of us, eviscerates freedom. 
Morphing freedom into a cheap slogan. You know when you are free and you know when you are not.
 We are devolving into trying to make everyone good little soldier Soviets.
watchdog, Red Chinese. Visit America today and go to a concert and they're more stiff, controlled and formal.  We are often met with security checkpoints, checking bags, backpacks and purses for contraband. 
The light hearted attitude is gone, along with the trust and spontaneity. The drinking age has been lifted up from 18  and 19 to  21. That is an abomination since, how do adults suddenly start drinking responsibly at a bar beginning at age 21. Oh, I have my drinking license now. Let's drink a pitcher of beer and do jello shots. This is a recipe for disaster for them and the rest of us....Our children have become way to serious, and dangerously self analytical, Little wonder  now that everyone has new problems facing them as we're confronted with this harsh social criterion. And, many otherwise healthy kids, don't know how to interact with one another without some kind of therapy session mediating the event.
The freedom taking lawmakers have really done a number on ,my contemporaries and their children. If you don't work, you don't eat. That was what Trump said on camera to us.
Well, who wants to  be compelled to work if they aren't free agents? Sure, working is important for the soul. To feel useful To feed your family. Sure,there is a sense of pride and reward in putting in a day's work and a job well done. But, there are so many damaged people in management positions who make life impossible for the working person so that there has been a mass exodus from the workplace. This is happening, in part because if the only place where you have any personal power is at the workplace. then that power is sure to be abused.
I live in a retirement housing project. The residents are allowed dogs and cats. I can't help but wonder if these animals are all the pet owners have control over. So, many of them treat them poorly. 
Like entry level employees, like slaves. Because, the residents have no power in other facets of their lives. Our living arrangement isn't proactive. In other words we have no say on how tall the shrubs are going to be. What trees are going to live or be cut down. Or when the the leaf blower starts his engines outside our door at 8 in the morning. We get a small tax break for living here as elders. But, it's more punishment than it is a benefit. How dare us not own our own house and land at this age. We must be punished.. We live 20 feet from the interstate highway.
.On top of that, America has a huge homeless problem.They can't figure out why? Richest nation in the world and all.
The policy makers, during election years, say they plan on  housing everyone. It's just a matter of time. But, there won't be a time when this will actually happen. even if it makes some folks feel good on the tele. .What I don't see much of any willingness to do, is to make life a little easier
during daylight hours for those in transition, travelling, or those who lost their housing for one reason or another. They haven't approached the corporations to install public access areas with public day lockers,. Little mention of centrally located indoor meeting places to get out of the rain and cold to reboot. To socially connect, play some cards get a free cup of coffee or a sandwich, or plan their next move. A place to network, maybe find a day gig. I have heard it isn't the focus of big business to bring people together.. To support community, infrastructure, to set aside some spaces for activity centers on their home turf.
But, a more connected workplace with people who get exposure to more than just other insurance execs and sales reps, Lawyers with politicians, or doctors cloistered in with other medical workers. To glean new perspectives from those who aren't in our same or similar professional spheres gives critical and fresh exposure to the individual making for a healthier,more well rounded individual, and a safer community 
The fact that stratification, an apartheid, of this proportion, culturally, politically, racially , and in the work place is disheartening since it's endemic now and appears to be planned this way,in so many areas of our lives, creating perps and victims. Helpers and the needy.. Good guys rescuing vulnerable potential victims from the bad guys whose only crime was risking  making wayward contact.  Like trying to sit in the front of the bus kind of thing.. . This dangerous trend, creates a narrative ripe for hostilities, unneccessary, class, religious, and racial warfare. property crimes., Heightening tensions which lead to more, gratuitious violence, fostering a cycle of mental health issues, such as addictions, depression.suicide, from learned helplessness. This trend has certainly damaged the arts, along with most every other facet of social interaction. People are crazy about sports. The last remaining sanctioned, vestige of pecking order. . Take a knee..  People are tweaking. They are doing desperate things maybe because so many of us are looking at this strange new world from behind the glass. And, now they are bullet proofing the glass.. It must be planned because this catastrophe couldn't have occured by accident. Compounded by the information super highway and the pandemic, we now have a recipe for further disaster. We have a plethora of different categories for sexual orientation, gender. But, we can't seem to figure out how to actually go on a date and see if we are compatible with another human being. One group of people get's their freedom when another group is condemned for being abberant and lawless. In a free country everyone has their day in court to plead their case why their rights need protection. This isn't happening. so, now there is blowback. Abortion rights, for example, are being cut back in many places. Women are paying dearly because, god forbid you have unprotected sex and get pregnant. Another power grab. But, what is a right? But, a granting of a special privalege sanctioned by a law made by men.
Men can take away our freedoms at any time. A treaty on the reservation is only as good as the prevailing poltiical winds of the Federal government. If this is true for 'supposed' soveriegn Indian Nations, then how secure our anyone's rights? One of the worst injustices of recent times is how
I see quality young men and women not knowing how to form bonds, and communicate with one another.
They have been frightened away by draconian sex laws in schools and on the streets, where there is an authority coming into their bedrooms and  tightly controlled administrations at the colleges. We fought hard for our rights to date. To make mistakes and to accept the danger of dating. Nobody came down from any mountain top with tablets saying to  us, let there be risk free dating. I loosely quote Camille Paglia when I say that/ Who said in the sixties, women students were locked in their dorm rooms with a curfew at 10:00 pm
She said get out of our sex lives. The administrations capitulated and soon their were co-ed dorms. Where else can you learn about sex and choices and such if you are cloistered in your room at ten pm.
To learn how to deal with inky blotches of lust coming at you is  worthy tool to have in our tool boxes.
Now, if you whistle at an attractive woman, , that's exploitation. That's abuse. This policy harms women It infantaizes women. 
Sadly I am taking about women in their twenties and beyond..
Well, how do you learn how to better interact and socialize, to meet and greet, others, to have options, choices, than by trial and error. Make an error today and you could wind up locked in a gulag for many years. I lived in a State where they enacted sexual misconduct laws with eight levels of severity. From cat calling all the way up to actual rape.
Sure, you punish a rapist to the fullest extent of the law, but you don't limit interactions or banish all behaviors where there is only a potentially unpleasant experience for one of the actors.
Everything is context. But, take out the context and you have legal sanctioned insanity.. To make everyone fearful of trying to go for what they can get in the sexual arena.
To just give up. Fearful, neurotic, paranoid,hyper analytical of every move before you make a move. A move you never follow through on due to the risk.
This policy doesn't strengthen our citizens. It diminishes the quality of life for everyone by taking away free will. by defacto severely limiting our choices.
 outcomes never taking shape,,due to fear of life altering legal punishment
So, addiction naturally follows these restrictions.
They have made marijuana legal again in many places.
A drug to deaden our senses to the fact that our rights have otherwise been shredded.
If you stay high, you don't really see or are less aware of all that is being taken from us.
Medicating your way out of fascism isn't going to work because one day you will wake up and
talk to someone in a  park and they will tell you that  you are crazy for engaging them. Until they realize you don't want anything from them.
You just wanted to make contact with another human being on neutral ground,. That you aren't a mental patient out on furlough.
Who talks to strangers anymore. I mean, what would the neighbors think.
It's gotten so bad that I have had to talk about it to wrap my head around this
crack in the space/time continuum.
When I was a child, our teacher talked about India
They said they have a caste system.
They said they have the high caste of the Brahmans
down to the lowest caste being the Untouchables.
I thought, wow, that's so horrible. How could that be
How could that  happen in the world.
When I grew up, I realized it's very similar here.
You have a subspecies, if I may use that of feral
people, living outside. Away from the affluent.
Not able to really communicate meaningfully to
the well heeled.
Not really able to contribute to the economy.
Living outside.
Surviving day to day, travelling from place to place.
I also hear alot about Red China/
How they are filmed everywhere.
How they have a reputation score assigned to all it's citizens.
But, we have credit scores.
Criminal records that follow us from cradle to grave.
Whole families who are blackballed from communities. I have heard of folks being kicked out of towns.
We are quick too quick to judge.
Our richest one percent owns maybe half of the wealth in this country.
I heard that the 400 richest families  hold forty percent of the wealth.
I don't have all the statistics but this  percentage is either in the world or in our nation
If this is true, it may explain political gridlock, and why the rest of us are pretty much left out in the cold. frightened into compliance.
Not trusted, dissed and dismissed....
All sorts of surveillence 



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