Tattoos in Mayberry

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High as a kite.
picking' a fight.
feelin' alright.
where my heart starts pumpin'
got prickly heat
one street out of my league.
On 60th
and Thumpin' Street N.E. 
where fists are pumpin
the halls are bumpin
The action comes down in sheets.
off sixtieth and thumpin street
You can get hurt pretty bad 
get messed around with
run and cry. My advice to you is
don't  fall asleep
lock the doors and windows
remain in your car
don't you dare
grab a scoobie snack
at our snack bar.
You'll only get a beat down
and our riot act to read.
60th andThumpin Street N.E.
Some take their bitters sour
I take my bitters
hot and sweet
workin' my beat
off 60th andThumpin street .
North East..

Buddy Bee Anthony

All rights reserved as is by this author

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Thumpin` St. N.E.