My Words Spoken


Imagine a place where there's
no writers block and the words
you need to use follow you
as sheep in a flock

The ideas and concepts process
in your mind and they whip up
like cotton candy being whipped
in a machine sweet and soft

Your imagination arises and it takes
you on a journey of wherever your
heart leads as you sit back and enjoy
the ride on an ever so calmly flowing
river of words you can puzzle piece
in your writing creation

You can see poetry broken down in
every single syllable to factual to fictional
to prose to haku from long to short in
its full entirety

You can pick a piece of poetry fruit
from a tree and take a bite and be inspired
by the taste and with that, you write your
master piece

Where you can deep fry poetry and serve it
hot too others to mentally ingest
and quench their thirst
as though they're having a glass of chilled
poetry wine

A place where poetry is collaborated together in
the arts of song and dance growing from its roots
and being acted out from rooftops
and every street corner

A place where you can sit back and enjoy
a nice cup of poetry and watch other like minded
poetry readers and writers take stage and shout out
their poetry to be heard in truth and in spirit

A place where your mind stays crystal clear
and sharp as a double edged sword slicing
through the worldly boundaries of what's
poetry and what's not

Here you can see your words manifest
in likes of a child and then grow into an adult

Where you can plant a seed of poetry and
watch it grow amongst the rest in your garden
of works

Where poetry grows from the ground and the
rest fly through the sky as birds and they
chirp together in song as an orchestra
at a concert

This place is flowing with so much milk and poetry
that if I don't end it here, it would be a never ending
piece of milk and poetry

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