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Darkness To Overcome

Now, you know in this place we are,
to get out of it is so very hard.
We think it is easy to do,
but as time goes on we find this isn't true.

Now, we will ask over and over,
wondering if the answer will ever be discover.
People so young killed,
some people are thrilled.

Now, there is no looking back,
just wondering how someone could get so far off track.
People scare for theirself but for others to,
Now, you know God's love is true.

No, more hugs, no more hellos, no more goodbyes,
Just trying to find some of the whys,
No, God wasn't looking the other way,
no, God was holding them that day.

Who for this do we blame,
for this sick horrible crime.
From the sadness of this day,
should come a million prayers to the families way.


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Darkness To Overcome

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