Dear Black Men

Dear Black men we know at times that life get hard.
Learn to depend less on man and more on God.

There are times you don't open up
The weight of the world is on your shoulder.
Don't let this cruel world make you hateful and your heart grow colder.

Open up,talk, please express what you feel.
If you don't take care of your Mental Health
No one else will.

We know that when you were younger, you were told not to cry.
Whatever you are going through may God wipe the tears from your eyes.

Dear Black men wake up and Live.
Black Men you have so much to contribute to the world so much to give.

Don't let anyone tell you, you not enough.
I will continue to pray for you, please don't
Give up.

You are strong,loving,caring,and have so much potential.
You can become someone special, someone influential.

Black Men you are lawyers,doctors,first responders,barbers, all around hard working men.
Teach your sons what true hard work is so the streets don't become their friend.

Dear Black Men there is so much work to do so don't give in.
When you get discouraged and feel like you need to just a little more slack.
Know you have a support system.
Your Black  Sisters have your back.

Dear Black Men we honor you and give you so much
When life get rough know God is not finished
with you yet.

Dear Black Men

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Dear Black Men

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