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Tatum's Tall Tales

My Flighty Friend

One beautiful morning,
and before my first cup,
a commotion outside
began waking me up!

My neighbor, named "Bob",
boldly summoned me out
since he thought by the lights
I was up and about.

Apparently wanting
to visit and chat,
this continued outside
on the porch where we sat.

And, as per our ritual,
I offer a snack
which is probably why
he will always come back.

Our dialogue is lacking,
confusing at best.
Once I bid him "Good morning",
he says all the rest.

Though our languages differ,
we have understanding,
which helps things along
and is never demanding.

This comical bantering
would stir up some laughter
if listeners could know
what my friend is here after.

At the end of our ritual,
he always takes flight,
as he whistles his name,
the familiar "Bob White".


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My Flighty Friend