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Bigfoot-ET Connection

Before I die, I have some wishes,
yet to be pursued.
My bucket list is nearly done
with two dreams to conclude.

I'd like to meet a real Bigfoot,
up close and face-to-face;
and greet this furry giant
of a mystifying race,

to satisfy the questions
of these strange and hairy beings,
like where they live, and where they go,
and loads of other things.

My next and final wish would be
to see a U.A.P.;
preferably, a close encounter,
with a real E.T.!

To be a guest aboard their ship
and see us through their eyes,
and find out what it's like up there
to be the stellar guys!

And finally, to solve a doubt
about their common roots,
Are Bigfoot and the aliens
in some way, in cahoots?

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The Bigfoot-E.T. Connection