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Tatum's Thematic "Then" Tales
remembering the velvety-voiced
actresses and singers of decades past...

A Missing Elegance

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An intoxicating female voice,
soft-spoken and demure
with baritonal qualities
of velvety allure,

A statuesque and svelte profile,
completed by her swank,
her beauty and her voice, combined

could pierce the heart, point-blank.

The splendor of an era past,
that voiced the silver screen,
and euphony that's since fell silent
with the final scene.

Where have they gone, where are they now?
Their sound and charm are missed;
the lovelies from those golden years,
my ''mesmer-eyes'' once kissed.

Whose fleeting era came and went,
their memories still remain;
that lost resplendence 
we will never see or hear again.





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A Missing Elegance