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A Voice in The Library

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An old-yet-unforgotten place
once beckoned me to read.
It's still a place of "quiet" space
I learned so well to heed.

I had my first adventure there
when I was only ten,
and reminisced and often missed
those places where I'd been,

From pirate ships to hiking trips
to flights in outer space,
to dinosaurs, historic wars
to speeding in a race!

The ambiance about the room
was like a magic ploy,
enticing me to wander free
and find that little boy!

Proceeding down the "Aisle of Dreams",
my private "Memory Lane",
I sought my books in all the nooks,
but none of them remained.

Disheartened by the dregs of time
and feeling like a fool,
they'd all been changed and rearranged
from when I was in school.

I started for the exit doors
to sadly walk away,
but as I stirred, a voice was heard,
whispering "You've got to stay!"

I followed toward the mystery voice
that barely made a sound,
but led me on ahead
where I was thrilled at what I found!

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The very books that forged the life
of one boy, ten years old,
were still intact and neatly stacked,
as they were being sold.

I bought the lot and took them home,
"Together once again!"
Today has shown that even grown,
there's magic after ten!




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A Voice In The Library