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Friends By A Thread

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Up late at my desk
buried deep in a book, 
when a caller dropped in
for perhaps a close look, 

hanging mid-air
on the end of a thread 
was a curious spider
in front of my head. 

I was keenly amused
as he stayed in suspension, 
this eight-legged creature
who got my attention. 

The floating arachnid
who saw me below 
felt the need to come down
just to say his "Hello". 

This meeting became
an ongoing affair 
with a nightly descending
from high in the air,

but our ritual came
to an unforeseen end
by the sudden departure
of my little friend.

Now I miss staying up
for my merry all-nighter 
to be entertained
by that dangling spider, 

as one night I discovered
while searching up high, 
my friend went away
without saying "Goodbye".


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Friends By A Thread