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9-5 Hero

From nine to five, he ruled the roost
and called the “shots” while getting juiced.

His friends would come and have a blast,
by joining him in getting “gassed.”

An argument was never heard;
he always had the final word.

A job is something for the wife;
it cuts in on my social life.”

I send the wife to win the bread
while I take charge right from my bed.”

I'll join my friends and boast with pride,
but after five, it's time to hide!”

Past five, his world no longer mattered;
the “gang” broke up like rats and scattered!

At half-past five, the boss came in
while greeted by a guilty grin.

Did you take care of all your chores,
like vacuuming and scrubbing floors?”

I'm sorry dear, I'm afraid not;
I got involved and plum forgot.”

You're not allowed to have such fun!”
Okay, Attila-I mean-'Hon'!”

Each day was like a planned routine
where they lived out the same old scene.

Each night he'd relegate his power
'til nine a.m., “The Happy Hour”!


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Nine To Five Hero