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Career Misfits

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I never saw belonging to

a group as an ambition,

or being noticed with a crowd

to further my position.

The followers who tagged along

had no life of their own.

By copying everything they saw,

were nothing but a clone.

The fleeting fads that came and went

by fashion wannabees,

aside from being laughable,

did not appeal to me.

My clothes came off recycled piles

in an army surplus store;

their gear was always cheap and cool,

and all I ever wore!

My compliment of loyal friends

was always one or two;

we had our laughs and odyssey's

and shared our points of view.

This trend continued through the years,

without a change in sight.

I vowed one day to be a loner,

not a socialite.

My life bears happy memories

within my little sphere;

and being a misfit is the best

part of my long career!



~William A. Tatum


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Career Misfits