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Tatum's Timeworn Tales
common complaints and philosophical
outlooks of seniors who all get there...


We kick off our day with a creak and a moan,
fighting stiffness and pain just to live on our own.

It's a growing concern that we old-timers dread,
finding easier ways to crawl out of our bed,

but it came as a price for the life we desired,
in our ultimate dream to be free and retired,

for along with the years came a mixed bag of gains,
such as battle-scarred wisdom and varicose veins.

Still, the pros beat the cons in my vote for old age
over grinding a lifetime at minimum wage.

I’d rather endure the eons of my years
to the errors of youth with its heartbreak and tears.

One journey through youth was sufficient to learn
that if given the chance, I would never return.


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