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My wife lives with a strange condition
causing her to hear
a worldwide band of radio
that comes in loud and clear.

It may seem unremarkable,
but when the shows are aired,
there's not a radio nearby
and she's hearing impaired!

These detailed nighttime broadcasts
only air from time to time,
but when they do, it's magic
with a sound that is sublime!

It happens when a deejay's voice
that only she has heard,
identifies the station
and she catches every word!

She tracks the letters and the names
that verify their stations,
and further finds their websites
verifying their locations!

The station names and melodies
can be heard clear and plain,
as if a headphone jack was routed
right inside her brain!

The mystery deepens when some shows
broadcast the ghostly sounds

of names and stations from the past
that are no longer found.

There's something paranormal

with an F.M. in your head;
you never use the radio,
it uses you instead!


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