Cool lace and fire

The Sun subtly painting the sky behind my receding windscreen.
The sky and sea one in color as far as the horizon seen.
The early morning smell moistly clean, cool and fresh,
the grass and shrubs wet with dew, everything smelling new.
Nature a quiet, soothing mental mesh.
Birds swooping and singing between the greens,
and across my screen, cars few and in between.

The road still asleep, everything dozy with not a peep,
just my rubber whispering on the road,
driving like a meditation, no thoughts to load.
Hoping the sleeping morning would linger,
holding the traffic hoards back with its finger,
enjoying natures peaceful musical play.
Feeling the early morning sway.
Nature’s melodic therapy the best DJ in play.

After some miles I feel the sun warming
the surface.
I imagined my delicious honey’s shapely thighs,
at any hour a fiery furnace, burning smooth like silky satin lace,
full of nature’s flair and grace.
My heart picked up the pace a burning blaze in its place.
The early morning evaporating into sunny space.
I escape in the misty haze beating the crazy traffic maze.

CI-455367246 Knight Truelove Poems