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 just once we'll get it right
A moon shot,, 
outta sight.
when we charge up
in the bright lights
bring this slow dance song 
to the shoreline of the river
my lover..
I know you dreamers feel sad and frustrated
unappeciated so now you're schemers
swimming in  chaotic and jaded 
I think they have a name for that conditon
We know now what ,
the pill pushin quack doctors
textperts and specialists  said
wasn't at all what we've found to be true
I'm a million miles from perfect.
And, likely profane.
 I want you to know 
I stand forever  by and behind you
You have my unfailing allegience
I shall wait til you're up
 and not down in the dumps
and not feeling bluer than blue.
I'll be here if you want
til you figure it out
what's gone wrong with your rhythm.
there's little doubt
We'll look it up and jot the best down.
It must have something to do with.
something ancient and sacred. 
our need for pain in our pleasure
the scorch of delight..
First check your rhythm.
Don't worry,
we'll figure it out. 
Take all the time you need..
I extend my personal guarantee
Mend all your  castle walls nets,and defenses .
Beautiful flowers only spring from good seed.
 attractive seeds are 
swarming like pretty little traps, 
They buzz and surround me
some sticking, some hitting the ground
around me.

Where's  your other half
of your flowering seed.
Who will give you all 
the age old answers to the most burning questions
about the most  perplexing mysteries
everything and more
you could ever want or need.
Waiting for that kiss
with breath so fresh and
a mouth stunningly delicious, 
so mesmerizing,,
It's nearly impossible to think.
But, please,
stay off the mic,
cuz as a singer
you stink.


Buddy Bee Anthony

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You Stink



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