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Of Campaigns

Being the policeman of the world
Brings the awkward situation
Of standing before that world
In defence of  your reputation,
Being conceived of as a power
That enters conflict half blind
And, when the going gets tough
Withdraws and leaves chaos behind.

We are your saviours they said
When they invaded Afghanistan,
Come to save your people from
The excesses of the Taliban.
Welcomed with open arms
They set about liberalisation
Bringing back joy and hope
To a downtrodden population.
The women saw the scope,

Saw the prospect of freedom
Saw a chance of equality
Grasped at the opportunity
Of lives of more worth and quality.
And every one that had laughed as
The Taliban quickly melted away
Forgot that he who fights and runs
Lives to fight another day.

Twenty long years later
Give or take a month or two
The conqueror got tired,
As Conquerors tend to do,
With the cost of occupation rising
In a now unfashionable cause
And history's example showing this
To be one of those unwinnable wars.

With undue haste the saviours
Very quickly planned to withdraw
And the stone age resumed as Taliban
Forces quickly took control once more.
Those who'd flocked to help were left
Behind as reward for their bravery
And the women once more quickly
Returned to burkhered Slavery.

The loved ones of the casualties
Those who'd fought bravely there
Who given their lives in vain
Must have cried in despair:
A sudden withdrawal almost
Impossible  to comprehend
All those sacrifices made
Being for nothing in the end.

The moral of this sad story, before
Undertaking any dubious cause
Try to ensure your politicians have the
Stomach for those unfashionable wars.
And don't be surprised at the disapproval
Of the world when a conflict finally ends
With the abandonment to despair of those
Who'd been both your  supporters and friends.

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Of Campaigns