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I don't want to be born because
Right now I am an innocent soul;
After being born I will be made
To forget that I was once unborn
And I might support the killing of unborn,
Just like millions all over the world,
So-called kind, considerate people
Passing the law that killing unborn
Is Not a crime and gave it a name
called decriminalization of abortion
all over the world including Ireland
and Northern Ireland and even India
the country of Buddha and Gandhiji.

I don't want to be born and be bad.
I'll put umbilical cord around my neck
And take my own life rather than
Become a human - the killer of unborn.
Even without killing a single unborn
I might become a proxy killer just by
Staying quiet and let the laws pass
Allowing the unborn to be killed
Calling it decriminalization of abortion.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
23rd October 2019.

MY NOTE: I know that little baby in a mother's womb has no idea to know what the outside
world is like and will not know what is happening to his/her body when a surgeon starts
dismembering the body. All s/he feels is extreme pain and death.  It cannot commit suicide
but I have to let people know the injustice they are doing to the little unborn human babies
by allowing them to be murdered. My way of giving the baby a voice. If those babies could
sue for violation of human rights and for murders by mankind, no amount of compensation
will be good enough but hey! Who cares? RIGHT?!!! We are born and are safe so why even think
about those millions of babies mutilated and murdered unborn babies?

Late attempt to halt decriminalization of abortion
in N. Ireland fails

The assembly was recalled for the first time since
its collapse in 2017, as anti-abortion lawmakers
attempted to prevent UK legislation from coming into effect.
By Ashleigh Furlong          
010/21/19, 4:55 PM CET  Updated 10/21/19, 5:37 PM CET

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