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Vanishing Spectre
a true story

From somewhere beyond
waved a magical wand
through the mist of a brisk morning ride,

Something happened that day
you just can't solve away
which profoundly had me mystified.

I was out for a drive
on old route thirty-five,
having hardly a care in my mind,

when I saw pass me by,
from the side of my eye
something curious from not far behind,

an old car I’d not seen
since my years as a teen,
of a man who was friendly and wise;

My old neighbor and friend
Whom I cannot pretend
didn't bring sudden shock to my eyes.

He looked just the same,
then I saw his nickname
on the tag of his Florida car.

When his car passed me by,
I decided to try
catching up before he got too far.

He went over the hill,
and he vanished at will,
when I couldn't believe my own eyes!

The truth of it showed
just a clear stretch of road,
where we said our unfinished “Good-byes”.


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Vanishing Spectre a true story