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Tatum's Tender Tales
a prescious one-of-a-kind doggy who is sorely missed...

Black Knight Brody

Our Brody was different
the day he was made,
as his mind was developed
in true "retrograde".

He's a beautiful, black little mix
at first glance
till a car or a stranger
attempts to advance.

The growling begins
and the hackles arise,
then a fierceness possesses
those solid black eyes!

In his mind, he's protecting
the world where he lives;
when it comes to his breed,
he incessantly gives.

And when ordered outdoors
to induce nature's call,
he will bark up a storm
and he'll bounce off the wall!

Now, out of the house
by the fence, he stands guard,
chasing down every sound
to all ends of the yard!

Outside is the place
where he acts like a fool,
but his business is done
on the floor, as a rule!

His nurturing ways
show the side that is sweet
when he lovingly licks
Daddy's head and his feet!

Now, bedtime presents
a whole different story;
each night, he reclaims
his desired territory.

There's growling and snarling
and threatening sounds,
always followed by echoes
of two other hounds.

Once the battle is won
and his day is complete,
he falls softly asleep
between Daddy's two feet.

When the music goes off
and the clock's striking "Six",
he'll make sure you're awake
with his usual tricks.

Licking lips, barking loud
in the ears and again,
"Hey, it's time for chaotic
fun time to begin!"

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Black Knight Brody