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Countryfied City Girl

I never met a gal who sang
to a country song with a Northern twang
till I heard this woman, to my surprise,
belting out a tune with love in her eyes.

She didn't quite seem from the South or the West,
from the sound of her voice or the way she was dressed.
Yet an absolute blend of the Blue and the Gray
with her New York brogue and her country girl sway.

Her transformation all began
watching C.M.T. When she noticed a man;
from that time on, there was no turning back,
once she'd been subdued by the "Man In Black".

She traded in her silver spoons
for a pickup truck playing Country tunes
and shows the spirit through those deep, brown eyes
of a true "Southern Belle" in a sweet disguise.

She was one of a kind that I couldn't resist
and a lifelong gem I would've sorely missed.
I'm an old Rocker, but I gave it a whirl
and married that countryfied city girl!


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Countryfied City Girl