Harbingers of Doom, a single large Tsunami wave is scheduled to completely cover the three west coast states of: California, Oregon and Washington at the exact same time.

On March 13, 2023 I watched a short video submitted by a young
bewildered black man on the way to his gym. He was not used to
angelic visitations from four large trumpet blowing messenger angels.
The angels showed him a large red line extending from the Pacific west
coast's USA's states of: California, Oregon and Washington! It was the
red line of impending judgement affecting those three states exactly at
the same time.

The angels were about two feet taller than he was at being 6 feet tall,
they were eight and nine feet tall. Angels have the power to become
even larger and more the angel talked, the larger in size he grew.

Of course he wanted to know what this was all about. Very soon
and without any advanced warning from God or from angels. There
was going to be a single large Tsunami's wave completely covering
the three west coast from California, Oregon and Washington State.

Very briefly I was glad that it was only going to affect the people
of California. But than I was sorry because the poor people of the
state of California had already suffered more than enough already.
But God told me to listen even more closely as I heard the states of
Oregon and Washington mentioned. And God told me it would affect
me personally
because I lived in Washington state and this time I would not escape.

I was relived that neither God nor his trumpet blowing messenger
angels were going to be responsible for this very soon catastrophic
clear and present event was not going to originate from. It is going
occur very quickly because of very active demonic activity under
neath the earth!

He admonished all of his You Tube video's watchers to also spread this
information as quickly as possible to as many people as possible and to
as large an audience as possible. By spreading this information to all of
my current remaining social media websites, I have hereby
fulfilled my part of his angelic bargain.

He was informed by his spokes angelic being that the west coast American
church was too focused upon the world instead of being focused on him.
They were instructed to stop focusing on the world and to turn all of their
focus on Him. There was not going to be any intervention either from God
or from angels. They were not going to stop it from happening.

The rest of this message God instructed me to write and to post on this
website: "Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Unlike the times
of Noah's period of the world wide flood. That destroyed every living creature
on the face of the entire earth. And the deluge's flood rained for 40 days and
40 nights and the windows of heaven were opened and the fountains of the
waters of the deep were also opened...

Even though mankind was given 120 years to repent,
three days after the longest living man on the face of
earth Methuselah died at the age of 969 years. God shut the
door of the ark. The days of Noah are really actually already

Neither those of us living on the west coast, the rest of
America and the rest of the world are going to be given
120 years to repent of our sins and follow the Lamb of God
who takes away the sins of world and beg him to have
mercy on us!

This singular wave Tsunami wave covering all three states was
going to a localized and regional occurrence. The young black
American man was instructed to spread this angelic visitation to
as many people as possible and by posting it on You Tube, he was
obeying his angelic command.

In the late 1970's the now deceased Hal Lindsay wrote a block
buster book "The Late Great Planet Earth. This modern day
prophet even foretold during those days, the world was running
out time and the Rapture of the church was soon going to happen.

In the late 1990's I had several repetitive true to life visions.
About our Washington State's national guard evacuating all
of us in their transport vehicles. We were given a short
period of time to gather together all of our personal
belongings or risk being left behind by them!

These dreams eventually ceased and every one I told
them too were amused because it never happened!
More and more natural disasters kept on happening
in the 1990's and the current year 2023! And now
I know why I had those open visions! Also why my
mother never had them everyone thought it was
because of my mental illness even me!

If you have any friends or any relatives out of
state, now would be a good time to contact

Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives were
spared along with all of the animals and living
creatures that were in the ark.

If we believe and hope in Jesus Christ as our personal
Lord and Savior--even though we may forfeit our
physical lives--if we have truly been born again,
we will enter into the kingdom of heaven!
This has all been provided to you and inspired
directly from God, Himself. Your watch woman
on the wall.

Grace and Peace be multiplied unto all of you,
All of my Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea/October Country
March 13, 2023

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Harbingers of Doom, a single large Tsunami wave is scheduled to completely cover the three west coast states of: California, Oregon and Washington at the exact same time.