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my dog

In my heart, there's a loyal friend,
Whose love knows no bounds, till the very end.
With wagging tail and eyes so bright,
My dog brings joy and endless delight.

From playful fetch to a cozy snuggle,
Every moment with my pup is a precious struggle.
Through walks in fields or splashes in the creek,
My four-legged companion is all the love I seek.

With a wet nose and a happy bark,
My dog is a light even in the dark.
In moments of laughter or tears that fall,
My faithful companion is there through it all.

Through fields of green and skies so blue,
My dog, oh how I'm grateful for you.
With each passing day, our bond grows deep,
A connection so pure, it's mine to keep.

No matter the day, my dog's love shines bright,
A companion who brings me so much light.
No words can express the love that I feel,
For my loyal friend, so loyal and real.

So I'll cherish each moment, both big and small,
With my fluffy friend, who's my everything and all.
For in this world, full of hustle and strife,
My dog is the one who brings happiness to life.

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my dog

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