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Mondays, Mondays, never a delight,
When the alarm clock shrieks, ending the night.
Sluggish and weary, we start the day,
Battling the blues in our own special way.

The weekend's glory slips through our fingers,
As Monday's grip tightens, weaving its stingers.
Dragging our feet, we trudge through the mire,
Longing for Friday, when we're free to retire.

Coffee in hand, we join the daily grind,
Lost in a sea of deadlines, oh how we find,
The hours tick slowly, like a tortoise's crawl,
As we yearn for solace, the end of it all.

Yet Mondays, like seasons, come and they go,
A blank canvas waiting for us to bestow,
Our energy and passion, into the new week,
To conquer challenges, find the strength we seek.

So let us not curse Mondays, bitter and cold,
But embrace their potential, as stories unfold.
For with every sunrise, it's a chance to start anew,
To chase our dreams and make them come true.

So rise and shine, brave souls, let Mondays inspire,
Ignite the fire within, take your dreams even higher.
For though they may seem daunting, Mondays carry the key,
To unlock endless possibilities, just wait and see.

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