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on a lazy afternoon

On a lazy afternoon, beneath the summer sky,
I found myself lost in a world passing by.
Time stood still, wrapped in a gentle embrace,
As I soaked up the warmth upon my face.

The rustle of leaves, in the whispering breeze,
Serenaded my ears like a delicate tease.
Birds softly chirping, nesting upon the trees,
Their melodic symphony, a sweet masterpiece.

With lazy eyes closed, I let my mind wander,
Drifting through daydreams, to a place much yonder.
Where worries and stress are mere whispers afar,
And tranquility dances like a dream's shooting star.

The sun's golden rays, painting hues on the ground,
Creating a canvas of beauty all around.
Shades of amber and crimson, blending with grace,
As nature adorns itself in the softest embrace.

I lay upon the grass, feeling its gentle touch,
Like a tranquil lullaby, it lulled me as such.
My cares and burdens, far away they seemed,
Lost in the serenity, in this moment redeemed.

The scent of blooming flowers lingered in the air,
A fragrant perfume, so tender and rare.
Their petals unfurled, revealing their vibrant bloom,
As if declaring, this moment is ours to consume.

The lazy afternoon waltzed by leisurely,
A symphony of calmness and peaceful reverie.
In this blissful interlude, time seemed to suspend,
Allowing me a moment, to truly comprehend.

On a lazy afternoon, I am reminded anew,
Of the quiet pleasures, life often imbues.
In gentle slowness, there lies hidden treasure,
A reminder that life's beauty is in simple leisure.

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on a lazy afternoon

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