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dark poetry

In twilight's hush, where shadows dance and play,
A world of darkness reigns, a sinister sway.
The moon, a silver crescent, casts its spell,
As night's embrace enfolds all, and all is well.

The stars, like diamonds, twinkle in the sky,
Their light a beacon, in the darkest night's eye.
The wind, a whisper, rustles through the trees,
As secrets hidden, in the darkness, freeze.

The world is quiet, save the night's own heart,
A rhythmic beat, that never will depart.
The darkness breathes, a living thing,
A presence felt, in every soul that clings.

In this realm of shadows, all is bathed,
In a cold light, that glimmers like apath.
The darkness reigns, in endless night,
A realm of dreams, where fears take flight.

Here, the mind is free to roam and soar,
To plumb the depths, of darkest lore.
For in the darkness, all is revealed,
And the soul, is forever sealed.

So come, and join me, in this dark embrace,
Where the shadows dance, and the night's grace.
For in the darkness, we find our strength,
And our true selves, in the endless night's length.

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